The Weekly Thingdown

11 Objects That Mattered This Week

Thingdown is a weekly roundup of things — objects, products, stuff — that are lately in the news or otherwise of interest right now.

  1. Remote work: the toy. (My latest Object of the Week for Marker.)
  2. That Trump statue!
  3. Meanwhile , the 11-foot, 3500-pound, bronze, Internet-legend Robocop statue seeks Detroit home.
  4. Fauci donating his “personal coronavirus model” to Smithsonian.
  5. Haruki Murakami X Uniqlo. (H/T Michelle Legro.)
  6. Sidewalk robots get legal rights as ‘pedestrians’.”
  7. Injectable microscopic robots that “attack tumors.” What could go wrong? (H/T Jean-Luc Bouchard.)
  8. For some reason, all-peanut-butter Reese’s. (“Kill it with fire,” says Friend of Thingdown Bobbie Gossage.)
  9. Deep dive on the Molotov Cocktail.
  10. Merch Madness.
  11. Architecture-Adjacent Attire for the Urbanist in All of Us. Extremely fun roundup. (H/T Danielle Sacks.)

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Leave your object-related tips in the comments — and have a nice weekend!

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