The Weekly Thingdown

10 Objects That Mattered This Week

Thingdown is a weekly roundup of things — objects, products, stuff — that are lately in the news or otherwise of interest right now.

  1. The function of the nonexistent planned future object, such as the new USPS truck, is to tell a story. (My latest Object of the Week for Marker.)
  2. The design of the Daft Punk robot helmets, a Twitter thread. (Via.)
  3. Regarding the former Mr. Potato Head: “Sorry liberals, there’s only one gender: potato.”
  4. This rescue beaver instinctively builds “dams” in hallways with plungers, toys, and other household objects
  5. Lady Gaga Oreos. (Flashback: “I have seen the future of rock and roll, and it’s merch.”)
  6. Alleged: The sheet pan, a “utilitarian piece of equipment,” has “become a star.”
  7. How the Nap Dress became a pandemic uniform
  8. “As part of a project to memorialize the lives — and livelihoods — of all that has been lost in the pandemic, The Times is asking readers to submit photos of objects that remind you of what you personally have lost during this time.”
  9. Five best gun safes. Interesting object category.
  10. The “Wall Street Charging Bull” artist has died.

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