The Weekly Thingdown: Sparkly jets, bulletproof school desk, Ken, etc.

7 Objects that mattered this week

Thingdown is a weekly roundup of things — objects, products, stuff — that are lately in the news or otherwise of interest right now.

Lego microtonal guitar
  1. The crisp and shiny optimism of the Breeze Airways A220 jet — and why this might be the perfect time to launch a new airline. (My latest Object of the Week for Marker.)
  2. School desk made of “ballistic material” to project students during potential shooting incident. Via.
  3. Lego microtonal guitar.

4. The functionality of the black stripes on school buses, explained.

5. Ode to “himbo icon” Ken. (The doll.)

6. New developments in understanding the Antikythera mechanism

7. And in closing: A clock that writes the time once a minute. (See also: Counterfunctionality.)

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Leave your object-related tips in the comments — and have a nice weekend!




Author The Art of Noticing. Related newsletter at

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Rob Walker

Rob Walker

Author The Art of Noticing. Related newsletter at

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